Ruby Shoesday # 8: Storage Solutions

(Christian Louboutin Very Very wedges with River Island tank, H&M skirt, thrifted belt)

Well, would you look at this, me posting a Ruby Shoesday photo featuring a red-shoes outfit I am actually wearing on the designated Tuesday! There will be no stopping me now. Next thing you know, I’ll up and do something else radical, like actually finishing my Shoe Challenge or something. Just you watch.

Anyway, today I decided to open a shoe store. Can I help you find a size, ma’am?

I jest, of course. Actually, what happened was that Shoeperman went out to a meeting, and I decided to take full advantage of his absence by investigating some new storage options for my shoe collection. I say “some” new options: I pretty much stopped after this one, because why would I keep on searching when all the space I need is right here? Well, almost all the space I need: that’s obviously not my full collection, and I don’t think those shelves would accommodate every shoe I own, but still, it’s a start, isn’t it? And I’m sure we could find space for some more shelves somewhere. What else are bathrooms for, for instance?

These are the shelves in our office, normally home to a bunch of really exciting stuff like box files, dog biscuits, camera equipment and the like. I think they look much better with shoes on them.

Sadly, the chances of Shoeperman agreeing with me on this are absolutely zilch.

Worth a shot, though, no?